On our way from Torremolinos to Sevilla we stopped at the mountain town of Ronda.

Now that we've had our quick tour of Ronda we're off to Sevilla, but not before a stop in Jerez. On the way to Jerez we stopped for a chaotic lunch at what must have been our bus driver's uncle's restaurant. 44 of us trying to order food we couldn't pronounce to a new waitress from Romania. It was a sight. Sharlene and I and several other travelers opted for a snack at the gas station next store.

Here we are eating our Dove Bars at the gas station.

In Jerez we all took a walking tour of the dominant Sherry Bodega. We had a course in mixing the Sherry from the youngest Sherry in the top barrel to the next one down, then the next down, until the bottom barrels. Also, we were introduced to the bouquet and colour and then the taste of each of four agings of both Sherry and fine Brandies. We were then allowed to sample all of the Sherry and Brandy we could handle.

Cheers! Photos compliments of Dave Carrier.

Waiting for the bus in the square in Ronda.

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